CATHERINE GIGLIO was born and raised in Lincoln, VA, received a BFA in Fine Art from Lynchburg College and currently lives (and paints) in Fort Collins, CO, though frequently returns to Northern Virginia. Her three sons all attended Montessori schools in Colorado, is grateful for your support of Middleburg Montessori School and is honored to be participating once again this year.

“Through the use of water-based oils and acrylics, I can manipulate layers and texture to complement the mood the colors provide. Not only are brushes, blades and my fingertips my tools, but a water bottle in hand gives me the opportunity to push and pull the layers so that the colors can have a conversation and work together. Most often, my paintings evolve into abstract landscapes allowing me to connect with the living canvas I imagine we all share. I tend to have a vision for the piece I am working on, but I remain open to the process to see where the paints take me. I adore creating skies, water and open spaces because I am drawn to the horizon line. It reminds me to explore where I am now, as well as to be curious about what lies ahead and remember where I’ve been. My paintings attempt to express those connections we make with each other through color, and light on the canvas. Textures and brushstrokes create recognizable images, but those forms are often ethereal–like smoke, clouds or distant mountain ranges. As in human relationships, we might see or feel differently each time we look.” –