Cathy Zimmerman is a lifelong resident of Middleburg. She lives on the farm where she grew up and raised two sons who share her appreciation of the Piedmont. Cathy has always enjoyed the outdoors. Her appreciation of the countryside where she grew up is beautifully conveyed in her work. At a young age, Cathy became interested in drawing and painting.  Watercolor is her favorite medium. With different watercolor methods, she achieves depth as well as detail and emotion in her landscapes and botanicals. While her work is nuanced, it has not lost the spark of childhood wonder that first inspired her to paint as a young girl. After graduating from the Garrison Forest School, Cathy studied at the Corcoran School of Art.  She has shown her paintings in Philadelphia, Baltimore, Richmond, Charlottesville, New York, and Maine as well as the Washington area. She welcomes visits to the studio in her house which she has shared with her husband and a stream of dogs, children, grandchildren, and assorted barnyard animals over the years.