DAVID WILLIAMSartworks are influenced by painting on location, from life, and the understanding of color, brushwork and design which develops out of the practice. Using a simple composition, with just a few major shapes as a starting point, a finished painting slowly emerges. Working in oil, with a limited palette of five colors, a natural color harmony occurs. My brushwork is broadly applied and punctuated by generously layered, textural paint which creates a nearly sculptural quality.

In their approach, David’sĀ paintings are contemporary realism. With a primary interest in simplified form and pattern, he explores naturalistic landscapes and parts of our built environment that evoke nostalgia and a sense of place.

DavidĀ tends to prefer a simplified lifestyle punctuated by new things and my artwork reflects this personal aesthetic. Saying a lot without saying too much is important. Visually describing a subject without unnecessary embellishment and allowing the viewer to quietly participate is the experience my artwork offers.

David was born in Washington, DC and grew up in the Virginia countryside. His love for the outdoors was instilled early on, growing from childhood explorations of field and forest, river and bay. Influences collected during his youth color his work to this day, forming the foundation of a lifetime’s interest in nature and art. At the urging of his family, David began private art classes around the age of ten. Over time, his path led to studying art at VCU and classical figure drawing at the Los Angeles Academy, as well as portrait and landscape painting with some of the finest artist teachers around, including Jove Wang, Sunny Apinchapong-Yang, Sherrie McGraw, Gay Faulkenberry and Camille Przewodek. David’s paintings have been awarded a number of prizes, including artist’s choice and collector’s choice. They have appeared in newspaper and magazine articles and are included in corporate and private collections throughout the United States. [www.williamsart.com]