Born in Baltimore, Maryland, Deb grew up next door to a Thoroughbred farm where she first fell in love with horses. She started drawing and singing at the age of three, and knew she would have a lifetime in the arts.

In high school, she was offered a work-study program in graphic design, which started a seventeen year career in graphics and printing. During the time spent in production, color viewing and sales in commercial printing, she was always drawing and designing freelance projects, designing books for museums, and designing logos. She mentored with a illustrator in Baltimore, and took a short medical illustration course at the Maryland Institute of Art, before deciding to stick to graphic design. At Schneidereith and Sons in Baltimore, she spent eleven years viewing color for the museums in Washington, D.C., and then worked closely with designers in Baltimore through Schmitz Press in sales, which brought her a Best Salesman for the Printing Industries in 1999.

In 2000, she relocated to Loudoun County as she loved the mountains and horses. She spent seven years photographing the Rolex 3-Day event in Lexington, Kentucky. She spend time working with the breeder Lucky Hagens, helping her with her Dutch Warmblood breeding farm in Purcellville. All the while, Deb was forming a library of equine images which she uses today to create one of a kind art pieces with her own decoupage technique.

This October she joined the Loudoun Artisan Trail, and she will be exhibiting her work on November 3rd at the Purcellville Train Station. Her studio is in is in Philomont, Virginia, where she lives.