Laura Hopkins is an American landscape oil painter. Her work focuses on expressing the mood and enduring beauty of quiet rural scenes in the atmospheric, soft light of twilight and dawn. Expansive skies are often reflected in water.

Her work is strongly influenced by the work of the American Tonalists, whose moody landscapes employed subtle color harmonies and an intimate focus to suggest the poetic beauty of the farmland and marshes of coastal New England.

Hopkins spent much of her childhood roaming the fields and woods of southeastern Connecticut on foot and horseback. Much of it the same countryside that inspired the 19th century Tonalists. She currently lives in rural northern Virginia, where rolling hills, open country, and stone walls surround her once again. Her work reflects her love of both locations.

Hopkins is largely self-taught, having never attended art school. She spent much of 2016 in online classes with contemporary Tonalist, Deborah Paris, at the Landscape Atelier, in Clarksville, Texas. She currently studies with internationally renowned contemporary Tonalist Dennis Sheehan, in Manchester, New Hampshire.