Megan Lark Caldwell arrived into her father’s hands on the Fort Belknap Indian Reservation in northern Montana, was touched by the spirit of the natives, and has danced to the beat of her own drum ever since.

An enthusiastic horsewoman, woodswanderer, beekeeper, musicmaker, and animal rights activist, Megan steps in time to the rhythms of the earth, and appreciates the interplay between the wild natural world and our more managed human realm. She identified herself as both an artist and an naturalist as a very young child, and keeps these two convictions at the core of all she does.

She has always been drawn to beautiful things, and sensitive to the minutiae that capture the story of a moment:  light, color, form, posture or less definable details.

Megan studied painting in the classic style, and most loves painting living things – people, animals, land and light. She gives her subjects a soft naturalistic realism, and creates expressionistic landscapes while working en plein air.

Megan taught art at Powhatan School for several years, before leaving to raise her three children.  She works out of her studio (and home), SweetRock,  perched on the mountainside in Bluemont.  Megan works primarily in oil, but also pencil, charcoal and watercolor.

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