What Makes Middleburg Worth the Trip

Middleburg Virginia

Middleburg, Virginia. Photo © Eryn Gable.

When you join us for Art of the Piedmont on Friday, Feb. 21, you’ll not only have an opportunity to acquire some of the region’s finest artwork, you’ll also get a rare glimpse into quintessential small-town America. That’s because Art of the Piedmont takes place in Middleburg, Va., a historic town of about 600 people nestled among rolling hills of farmland in southwestern Loudoun County.

The premier destination in Virginia’s horse country, Middleburg is renowned as a place for horse lovers, whether your passion is horseback riding, horse-racing, fox hunting or other equestrian activities.

But Middleburg has a lot more to offer as well. The heart of the town is its three-block walkable main street on Rte. 50, along which you’ll find a bevy of one-of-a-kind shops, including an organic butcher shop that sells locally grown meat, antique dealers, clothing stores, restaurants and much more. Don’t forget to wander along the side streets as well to discover other hidden gems, including an independent bookstore and the town’s visitor center, known as the Pink Box.

Of course, Middleburg is also a wonderful destination for art lovers. There are many art resources in town, including Red Fox Fine Art, the Sporting Gallery and the Byrne Gallery, as well as the National Sporting Library and Museum, which has more than 200 works of sporting art in its collection. If you want to learn more about upcoming art events in Middleburg, check out our recent post on the subject here.

And the town is rich in history as well. Founded in 1787 by John Leven Powell, Middleburg developed as a coach stop on Ashby’s Gap Turnpike, becoming a commercial center for the region. It declined in population and fortune after the Civil War, but saw new growth in the early 20th century as an equestrian destination.

Whatever your reason for joining us in Middleburg, we hope you’ll enjoy not just the Art of the Piedmont, but the town’s other offerings as well. To find out more about what’s available in Middleburg, please visit Middleburg Online.

What are your favorite spots in Middleburg?

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